Wallpapers HD of the Glee TV Show

When Spanish teacher Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison, 'Between Ghosts') is given the task of taking over the McKinley High choir, he is less than enthusiastic about it. However, after not having the option of refusal, he decides to take his new position with philosophy and turns his previous disappointment into a great ambition: that of turning a group of unpopular youngsters into a first-class choir.

Only five students show up for the auditions, and all of them are chosen: Rachel Berry (Lea Michele), who could use a little humility; Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer), a young gay man with a passion for fashion; Mercedes Jones (Amber Riley), who would never accept a supporting role; Artie Abrams (Kevin McHale), a paraplegic since the age of 8 who compensates for his condition with a good voice and talent on the guitar; and finally Tina Cohen-Chang (Noelle Ushkowitz), who pretends to have a stutter. Will's confidence in the group's chances is not much so, with some trickery, he manages to bring in the captain of the soccer team, Finn Hudson (Cory Monteith, 'Final Destination 3'), a popular guy who not only has talent, but also makes Rachel fall in love, unleashing the jealousy of his girlfriend, Quinn Fabray (Dianna Agron, 'I Am Number Four'), leader of the cheerleading squad.