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Description of Goblin Slayer characters

Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer was the second son of a Herbalist and a Hunter, living with his older sister in a farming village. Like many other farming settlements, this village became the target of a gang of Goblins wallpapers. During the assault, his older sister ordered him to stay hidden no matter what, thanks to this he was the only survivor of the attack.


Priestess grew up in the temple of mother earth, at the age of 15 she decided to become an adventurer and help other adventurers.

In her first mission she was accompanied by a group of young adventurers of porcelain rank, their mission was to hunt goblins since they had kidnapped several girls, but it didn't turn out well since two of the boys (a novice witch and a novice swordsman boy) were killed, another girl of the group (a novice fighter) was raped by the globins and the young priestess was traumatized, fortunately Goblin Slayer arrived to rescue her. From here the young girl decided to join him in his quests and later on they will be joined by an Elf Archer, a Dwarf Shaman and a Lizard Priest.

High Elf Archer

The Elf Archer lived with others of her kind. When she was young, she practiced singing. She, at some point, developed a curiosity for the world, which led her to become an adventurer. Some time later, her people chose the Elf Archer to represent them.

Dwarf Shaman

Dwarf Shaman is a dwarven adventurer of silver rank. He along with Elf Archer and Lizard Priest sought Goblin Slayer to subjugate a nest of goblins, after this he settles in the frontier and joins Goblin Slayer's group.

Lizard Priest

The Lizard Priest is a silver rank adventurer lizardman whose dream is to become a "Naga", he was chosen by his bosses as the adventurer representative of the lizardmen for the eradication of a goblin nest in elven territory, along with the Elf Archer and the Dwarf Shaman, he eventually befriends and frequents the Goblin Slayer and Priestess group.

Guild Girl

The Receptionist or Guild Girl is in charge of receiving and granting quests to adventurers at the Adventurer's Guild branch in a Frontier city.

Cow Girl

The Farmer or Cowgirl is Goblin Slayer's childhood friend, working on her uncle's farm on the outskirts of the city. La Granjera is kind and cheerful, she trusts her childhood friend absolutely.

Sword Maiden

At one point in her past when she was still a novice adventurer during a mission to exterminate goblins, she was captured and enslaved by them, and her eyes were also burned, which is why she is almost blind. Later, she defeated the king of the demons, acquiring the golden rank and then retired and became an archbishop.

She is the one who helps Goblin Slayer is to find a cave with a magical portal guarded by goblins and goblins and then through a healing spell heals the adventurer and the priestess. Goblin Slayer in exchange for the help promises to kill all goblins, including those in her dreams, causing her to thank him in tears of joy.