Wallpapers HD of the Grown Ups 2 Movie

Dennis Dunan brings us the second installment of Ni�os grandes. In the first one we could count on the presence of Adam Sandler (A great dad), Salma Hayek (The Mexican) or Rob Schneider (Gigolo) and in this one, they will also be there but together with new actors like Taylor Lautner (The Twilight Saga), among others. This second part will follow the same steps as the previous one, and will make us laugh with the unstoppable chain of sexual and scatological jokes that the main characters tell all the time, in which we don't need to go too deep to realize that they are still as young and childish as ever. Will they manage to mature once and for all? The only sure thing is that this new reunion of childhood friends will once again be a real madness.