Wallpapers HD of the Guild Wars 2 Game

With a deadly shriek, the undead dragon Zhaitan has awakened from his centuries-old slumber with a single desire: to become the lord and master of Tyria. A fantasy world that has changed considerably since the last time we visited it, seven long years ago, due to the war between the Charr and the humans. A confrontation that 250 years after the events narrated in the first expansion of Guild Wars, Eyes of the North, has allowed the ancient dragons to impose their tyranny without too much difficulty. And this has left us with a world full of new races, cultures and cities to visit, but also with new conflicts, adventures and wars to fight. Just enough for any fan of the MMORPG genre, and more specifically of this prolific saga, to enjoy the great work carried out by the ArenaNet team. The result, although it is not the revolution they promised, is at a very high level.