Wallpapers HD of the Half Life 2 Game

Half Life 2 is the timeless sequel to Valve's first-person shooter, and is considered one of the best and most important video games in history. The title puts us back in the shoes of the Black Mesa physicist, Gordon Freeman, who, awakened by the mysterious G-Man, finds a world ravaged by the amalgam of dangerous species called Combine. Although it draws heavily from the mechanics of the original, HL2 adds new elements and features, such as the gravity gun or the possibility of allying with up to four AI-controlled characters, such as Alyx Vance, a resistance fighter, or the robotic dog D0G. In addition to the new puzzles to solve and enemies to fight in its campaign, Half-Life 2 presents significant improvements in the Source engine in terms of physics or artificial intelligence, which have led it to serve as a model and inspiration for many other later action games.