Wallpapers HD of the Halo 4 Game

Halo 4 is the critical moment for the series, one with which we are going to check what kind of future awaits the brand after the departure of Bungie. Now at the helm of the franchise are the guys at 343 Industries, a newly founded team that, after delivering the more than remarkable Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, is now facing its real acid test: its first completely original game, and a numerical installment of one of the bastions of Xbox 360. Vertigo, right? Well, the studio has handled the development with ease and ease, trying not to lose the essence but at the same time to inject its own personality and stamp of authorship.

Now it's time to analyze whether they have succeeded or not, to assess whether the bet has been a winning one, and to begin to glimpse the future of Master Chief and his adventures. We can reassure the numerous fans by saying that the verdict is frankly positive, although as expected in this case the shadow of Bungie is long. The new people in charge of the IP have created an outstanding product that, nevertheless, is somewhat below the levels of excellence that the work of the creators of the brand treasured. In short, it is a highly recommended game, loaded with content and that knows how to be strong in a great multiplayer.