Wallpapers HD of the Hell on Wheels TV Show

'Hell On Wheels', which marks AMC's return to the 'western' after the acclaimed and award-winning miniseries 'Broken Trail', is ideal for those nostalgic for 'Deadwood' (HBO). This time we are transported to 1865, the years after the American Civil War. The story revolves around Cullen Bohannan (Anson Mount, 'Law and Order', 'In His Shoes'), a former Confederate soldier who, seeking revenge for the murder of his wife - at the hands of "Unionist" soldiers - will end up participating in the construction of the first transcontinental railroad in the United States. He soon realizes that in this work he will also end up spilling blood. A Cheyenne tribe will try to prevent the construction of the railroad, since the construction project is based on what they claim as their land.

Aside from Mount, the cast of 'Hell On Wheels' features Dominique McElligott ('The Philanthropist'), a widow named Lily Bell whose husband worked as a surveyor on the construction of the railroad; Ben Esler ('The Pacific'), young Sean McGinnes who seeks to reap a fortune in the West; Philip Burke ('Law & Order'), Sean's brother Mickey; hip-hop singer Common as Elam Ferguson, a newly freed slave trying to find his place in the world; Colm Meaney ('Star Trek: Deep Space 9'), as Thomas 'Doc' Durant, an investor looking to make a fortune from the railroad; or Eddie Spears ('Black Cloud'), as Joseph Black Moon, a Native American who will have to choose between the possibilities of the New World or the tradition of his ancestors.