Wallpapers HD of the Heroes of the Storm Game

Blizzard takes the heroes and villains of Diablo, StarCraft and Warcraft to a new battlefield, that of MOBAs, with this Heroes of the Storm for PC. A 5 vs 5 strategic action video game that allows you to fight in various scenarios with their own particularities. Obtain the power of the gods by dominating their temples, unleash a nuclear holocaust on the heads of your enemies or summon a fearsome blood golem by collecting skulls in this free-to-play game. Tyrael, Kerrigan, Jim Raynor, Diablo, Thrall, Zagara, Illidan and so many other mythical Blizzard characters come together in HotS, a video game that does not forget the studio's mythical sagas, such as Lost Vikings, or the more recent Overwatch, with characters like Lucio and Tracer also fighting in the Nexus. With the gold you collect in the games you can acquire new mounts or special appearances for the characters; also get started in special fights thanks to the Trifulcas.