High School of the Dead wallpapers

Highschool of the Dead tells the story of a world decimated by a pandemic that causes people to turn into ghoul zombies when another zombie bites them. Takashi Komuro, a student at Fujimi High School who has survived the outbreak that started this pandemic, along with other students from the school with whom he befriends, try to stay alive by all means. But to do so they must first escape from the school and then travel around the city and find weapons, while trying to reunite with their family to take them to a safe place, or at least safer than the place where they are.

The journey is by no means easy. Many must battle zombies while working as a team, trying to stay alive, keep their loved ones alive and fight the undead. And not only that. A new problem appears when some humans who are not infected reveal themselves and begin to show the worst of themselves by trying to kill these young men.

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