Wallpapers HD of the Hotel Transylvania Movie

Monsters now have a place to vacation and rest in peace. This is the Hotel Transylvania, a terrifying but sumptuous place run by Count Dracula himself (Adam Sandler, 'Jack and his Twin'). In this enclave we can not only find such famous beings as the Invisible Man (David Spade, 'Rules of Engagement'), Quasimodo (David Koechner, 'The Reporter'), Frankenstein (Kevin James, 'Big Kids'), the Mummy (Cee-Lo), or the Wolfman, but here also lives Mavis (Selena Gomez, 'Monte Carlo'), Dracula's daughter.

The young teenager has always been overprotected by her father, who tries to curb her adventurous spirit at all costs by means of strange stories. Dracula's task is carried out to perfection, until Jonathan (Andy Samberg, 'Tell Me How Many'), a twenty-one-year-old human boy, suddenly shows up at the hotel. The boy falls madly in love with Mavis and begins to court her, something that will put the Prince of Darkness in a very bad mood.