Wallpapers HD of the hummingbird Movie

With Jason Statham (The Mercenaries 2, Safe) at the helm, the story revolves around a former special forces soldier who sees his life take a sharp turn and ends up trapped in a dangerous criminal labyrinth in the center of London. Accustomed to impossible situations, this expert in weaponry and hand-to-hand combat will have to fight his way out of the situation he finds himself in. Surrounded and persecuted, the troubled area where he finds himself will require all his efforts to escape from the death trap where everyone seems to have enough reasons to want to kill him. Recalling his training and his army days, he will test his memory and his ability to survive with the only weapon his new enemies know: the violence and brutality of the streets. He won't be able to trust anyone when the fight to escape turns into a vendetta and a personal reckoning in this fast-paced, action-packed thriller.