Wallpapers HD of the Ice Age 4 Continental Drift Movie

We are still in the glacial period, but some changes are beginning to take place in the oceans and continents. In any case, oblivious to the geographical and atmospheric transformations that may occur, our beloved troupe of friends from different species continues with their adventures on the still frozen planet. They are Manny (the mammoth, voiced by Ray Romano), Sid (the sloth, voiced by John Leguizamo, 'Moulin Rouge'), Diego (the tiger, voiced by Denis Leary, 'Stolen Hearts'), Ellie (the female mammoth, voiced by Queen Latifah, 'Chicago') and Scrat (the famous squirrel always looking for his acorn).

This time the gang finds themselves in the middle of the ocean after the polar ice caps break up, so they will have to use an iceberg to get around. During the journey in search of dry land they will have to face endless complications (since they are land animals), they will fight and defend themselves against fearsome sea monsters and finally fall into the hands of dangerous pirates, including Captain Gutt (Peter Dinklage, 'Game of Thrones').