Iron Man 3 wallpaper 6

Iron Man 3 wallpaper 6

Without a doubt, technology is at the service of humanity, but only if you're a millionaire like Tony Stark can you afford to be Iron Man 3, since in addition to money you'll have to use all your intelligence to create the best combat armor ever. Thanks to it you'll be able to save humanity from terrible enemies from other worlds, although not everything will be easy since, as if it were a background, the story takes on a new screen.

After the attack on New York, our friend Tony is depressed and anxious, which makes him unstable and without his Mark IV combat armor he feels totally weak. Now he must overcome his sorrows and become Iron Man again to save the world once more, although this time the threat will not be external.

For a group of improved humans who seek to be the superior race on earth, threaten the balance and life as we know it. Thanks to their friends the avengers and their faithful friend Jarvis, they will once again put on the armor to fight as Iron Man 3, so that the innocent will survive sometimes great sacrifices will be made.

Putting his beloved Peper in danger, Tony will not hesitate to throw himself into saving her without taking into account the consequences that this may unleash around him, as if a wallpaper will completely change his environment to create the image he dreams of.

To be fair to poor Tony, he does everything to try and save what matters to him, but to do so he sacrifices too many things in his path without having the consequences that this may entail in the future, both for him and for those around him, since great power comes with great responsibility. He will have to rely on his friends to succeed as Iron Man once again.