Wallpapers HD of the John Carter Movie

About John Carter

"John Carter" is an epic science fiction adventure film set on the planet Barsoom (Mars), known for its thrilling characters and imaginative world-building. In this movie, viewers will encounter a diverse cast of characters who shape the fate of the Red Planet.

John Carter

John Carter is the film's courageous and enigmatic protagonist, a former Confederate soldier who finds himself transported to Barsoom, where he gains incredible strength and agility.

Dejah Thoris

Dejah Thoris is the fierce and brilliant Princess of Helium on Barsoom. She plays a crucial role in the film's political intrigue and forms a deep connection with John Carter.

Tars Tarkas

Tars Tarkas is a powerful Thark chieftain, a warrior of great honor and wisdom. He forges an unlikely alliance with John Carter in the film's interplanetary conflicts.


Sola is a Thark woman who becomes an important character in John Carter's journey. She has a unique connection to both the Tharks and the human visitors to Barsoom.