Wallpapers HD of the Just Cause 3 Game

Just Cause 3 takes us to a fictional archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea, where a dictator has established a regime of terror that we must overthrow based on shooting, action and lots of explosions. The agent Rico Rodriguez is back with his hook and a new glider suit, but also with all his hooligan fun loaded with impossible action in its purest form. Vehicles, incredible maneuvers and a real waste of inexhaustible ammunition are just some of the keys of this video game developed by Avalanche, who also signed Mad Max, and that in its third installment tries not to stay in a mere "more and bigger", but seeks to be at the same time a "more and better" that satiates the fan with plenty of main missions, side missions and distractions of all kinds to clean the beautiful islands where it is set from the dictatorship. Special mention to the explosions, authentic delirium of pyrotechnics with some of the best effects of fire, sparks and shockwaves that can be seen to date.