Wallpapers HD of the Kick Ass 2 Movie

Director Jeff Wadlow ('Breaking the Rules') directs this film based on the comic book by writer Mark Millar. The second part of the comic, takes place a year after what happened in the first installment ('Kick-Ass'). This time Mindy/Hit-Girl (Chlo� Moretz, 'Dark Shadows') will try to withdraw from the group of superheroes because Marcus, her adoptive father, wants her to lead a normal life. On the other hand, Kick-Ass (Aaron Johnson, 'Albert Nobbs') continues to dispense justice around the city with the rest of the superheroes forming a team led by Colonel Stars. One night, the group plans their new target: dismantling a child prostitution ring led by "Mr. Kim." This evil pimp has kidnapped a group of young girls, Kick-Ass, Battle Guy and the rest of the team will do their best to rescue them.

But this will not remain so, the villains of Red Rist attack the Colonel in his base and it will be the moment in which the superheroes get back to work to destroy Rist's gang that intends to sow evil in the city. Will they be able to achieve it, will Mindy return to be part of the group?