Wallpapers HD of the Killer Joe Movie

Twenty-two-year-old Chris Smith (Emile Hirsch, 'Into the Wild') is a drug dealer in his hometown. Now he has to find $6,000 if he doesn't want to get his throat cut. That's what comes of being in the underworld. He only has a sliver of hope of getting out of this alive: running a scam using a life insurance policy taken out by his mother, Sharla (Gina Gershon, 'Showgirls') for $50,000. But... who's going to do the dirty work? There's only one person, and that's Killer Joe (Matthew McConaughey, 'The Innocent'). Cop by day, hit man by night, he could be the solution to Chris' problems. He only has one problem, and that's that Killer Joe gets paid up front and he doesn't have a dime. Chris will try to negotiate with Killer Joe on the price, but they won't reach an agreement until Dottie (Juno Temple, 'The Possible Lives of Mr. Nobody'), Chris' young sister, appears on the scene and becomes a bargaining chip.