Wallpapers HD of the Killzone Shadow Fall Game

Guerrilla Games continues to prove that it is among the leading studios in the realization of heart-stopping visual experiences. From the beginning, Shadow Fall has been considered as a break with the series in conceptual aspects and, in addition, a leap forward with respect to the rest of the shooter genre in terms of technology and graphics. In both fields the new game has delivered, thus consolidating itself as one of the strong points of the launch catalog of the debuting PlayStation 4.

Do these advances guarantee that we are talking about the best Killzone to date or, at least, a significant evolution for the genre? Not at all. The new installment of the franchise is a very good shooter, but also one that is far from the level of quality of, for example, the second installment of the franchise that back in 2009 wowed us. This fourth volume of the IP for desktop machines is a game that does its homework effectively and definitely entertains, but it also lacks the extra inspiration and ability to surprise us to become something that really transcends.