Kingdom Hearts 3 background 27

Kingdom Hearts 3 background 27

Sora and her friends return once again to our televisions and computers with Kingdom Hearts 3, in a new adventure full of fantastic worlds taken from the Disney and Pixar universe as if it were a wallpaper. Where our favorite characters will join us to fight evil, also known as the heartless, who try to plunge the inhabitants of the peaceful Disney kingdoms into despair and terror.

Enjoy the RPG fever that invaded us with the first Kingdom Hearts game, where we learned how to equip our allies with different weapons, items and skills to be able to fight as a team in the best possible way. Without a doubt, fighting as a team is the only thing that will allow the good characters of this universe to survive and you must coordinate them to succeed in their noble mission.

But it won't all be fighting, as you'll have the chance to solve puzzles, enjoy good times with funny Mickey conversations or stupid arguments with Donald Duck. We will also see some famous landscapes from Big Hero 6 or Toy Story, as well as meet BiMax or Buzz LightYear!

But not everything will be as easy as putting a wallpaper, as the heartless will make it really difficult for us, allying with some of the evil of these universes that will end up becoming the bosses of each world and dominating the rest of the enemies. This will make it difficult to defeat them and we will have to fight them to the death, putting all our strength into seeing the enemy's weaknesses and equipping our heroes with the best arsenal to defeat them.

One of the most important things in Kingdom Hearts 3 is the cooperation, because as in previous deliveries we will be raising our heroes of level and we will have to choose between having a starting team with a lot of level but with disadvantages when facing certain enemies or a more balanced team but of lower level.