Wallpapers HD of the Lost TV Show

The story takes us to an island paradise, located in the South Pacific, where, after an air disaster, a group of survivors hopes to be rescued and endure their day-to-day life as castaways. Who stands as the leader of these survivors is Jack Shephard (Mathew Fox 'Five in the Family', 'In the Crosshairs', 'Team Marshall'), a doctor with a great sense of responsibility and whose only goal is to preserve the good of the group and get them rescued in any way. The survivors also include the brave yet rebellious Kate Austen (Evangeline Lilly 'The Hobbit'), the impulsive and sarcasm king Sawyer (Josh Holloway 'Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol'), the enigmatic John Locke (Terry O'Quinn 'Alias', 'Hawaii 5-0') and the big and naive Hurley (Jorge Garcia 'Alcatraz', 'Becker').

In their first days on the island the group will realize that they have not ended up in a place like any other. Inexplicable and mysterious events will intertwine with the stories of the characters, whose very different ways of being will make them disagree in the way of survival. Some will be more curious about the phenomena that occur while others will simply cross their fingers to be rescued as soon as possible. In each chapter, in addition to what happens on the island, the 'flashback' technique is used to delve into the past of the characters, thus allowing us to understand the reasons for their actions, decisions and way of being.