Wallpapers HD of the Louie TV Show

FX comedy that revolves around Louie, a divorced comedian, and the stories and small plots that develop around him. The series is partially based on the life of its creator, Louis C.K., famous for his 'stand up' shows (in the style of 'The Comedy Club'). The story begins with Louie (Louis C.K, 'Bad Example', 'Incredible but Fake', 'Down to Earth. Back to Earth'), 42 years old and divorced, who lives with his two daughters in New York. There he begins dating women with the intention of rebuilding his life. Louie is an actor and comedian who faces life situations with cynicism, irony and above all a lot of humor, and that makes him face problems in a hilarious way.

Throughout the series he must deal with his responsibilities as a father, his condition as a separated and gray man, his strange sex life and above all with the feeling that he is getting older, fatter and uglier. In each chapter we are shown different people of his day to day life, with their own problems and feelings that will directly or indirectly affect the protagonist.