Wallpapers HD of the Mafia 2 Game

Mafia II begins with a homecoming, that of Vito Scaletta who returns on leave after his participation in World War II and after being lightly wounded. With a commendable breadth of focus we begin the adventure, in fact, battling on the Italian front with the side of the Allies and in the skin of Vito himself. We will help here to take a village occupied by the Axis and conveniently fortified. It will be our first playable contact with the title and its action dynamics, and will close not with a crushing victory over the fascists, but with their surrender after being convinced to lay down their arms by one of the local bosses armed only with a megaphone. For narrative purposes the prologue is of little use, but on a metaphorical level it offers a very clear message: With respect one can obtain greater results than with one's own weapons, even if that respect has been obtained through fear.

When we return to the United States, the first person we meet is our old friend Joe, who will be waiting for us at the train station to take us home and tell us what has changed since we left the country. Our leave becomes an indefinite stay with just a call from him to exert his influence, and we quickly realize that things are going really well for him in every way. Our mother warns us what a bad influence Joe will be for us, and under family pressure we soon leave the nest and go to live with our friend in his apartment.