Wallpapers HD of the Mafia 3 Game

Mafia 3 is the third episode of the Mafia series inspired by the criminal world, with a long tradition in open-world proposals since its origins set in the classic era of gangsters and Prohibition. On this occasion, however, a very different historical period is covered, with a commitment to the hot New Orleans, New Bordeaux in the fictional version of the game, and a scrupulous respect for the vehicles, music or fashion of that period, and all with the usual varnish of the brand as far as freedom of action and shooter mechanics are concerned. These are the main keys of this video game sandbox profile that takes us to the seventies to kill Sean Marcano, the local organized crime boss who is the real villain who is our ultimate goal. In Mafia III we are Lincoln Clay, and in his war veteran skin we are offered main missions, side missions and even cameos of supporting characters as important to the saga as Vito Scaletta himself, protagonist of Mafia 2, and that is one of the secondary criminals who take us by the hand by the underworld of the city. Solve your problems with shots or with the steering wheel in the powerful driving sequences, and become the kingpin par excellence.