Wallpapers HD of the Maleficent Movie

Everyone knows the story of Sleeping Beauty, that sweet little princess who is forced to sleep for years and years because of the curse of the wicked witch Maleficent.... However, has anyone ever thought about the witch? Has anyone ever wondered why Maleficent did what she did? This movie is the answer to those doubts.

The story told in Maleficent is the same as in Sleeping Beauty, but there is an important change: the perspective from which the events are narrated. This time, we see them from the point of view of the evil villain. In the film we see the reasons that led Maleficent to be the way she is. Her heart was not always as hard as it is shown in the well-known tale, but there was a series of events that hardened her and led her to believe that the curse on Aurora was the best option.