Wallpapers HD of the Mario Party Superstars Game

About Mario Party Superstars

The latest release of Nintendo's fun games comes with Mario Party Superstars and its fun wallpapers. In this installment we will enjoy again competitive games to play with our friends individually or as a team. All this while we laugh and have a good time with our friends and family.


A beloved and fearless hero easily recognizable by his red cap and mustache, the Nintendo classic.


Mario's taller brother, a plumber just like his brother, known for his high jumps and for being afraid of ghosts.


The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. She has a kind heart and loves everything pink, Mario is in love with her.


A carefree but steadfast ally of Mario who loves to eat fruit, he is a dinosaur but a brave one.

Estela or Rosalina

Known as Estela in Spain or Rosalina in other countries. An otherworldly figure who travels through space with her family, the Lumas.


A jovial character who exudes a mysterious charm.


An energetic princess and Peach's sister who especially likes her flower earrings.

Donkey Kong

King of the jungle. Incredibly strong, but he goes out of his way for bananas. He will always fight for his friends.


A devious individual who always has a trick up his sleeve. Often seen with Wario


A greedy character with an eye for gold, he is always looking to get rich. Spends too much time with Waluigi.