Max Payne 3 wallpapers

The well-known detective Max Payne returns with a third installment developed by Rockstar that retains all the elements that made him great but adding a new twist to his storyline. In fact in Max Payne 3 we will embody a retired Max, tired of the corruption that surrounds him and more cynical than ever. In the game we start in the deepest, become a private bodyguard of a wealthy family in Brazil (the Branco) that is targeted by a gang of drug traffickers. From there the story moves forward and backward in time, mixing the Brazilian story with touches of the protagonist's experiences in New York before the trip. Max Payne 3 is a game of linear development but with a large number of unlockables, with sensational shooting and cover mechanics, including the well-known Bullet-Time and slow-motion jumps that made the original Max Payne famous, as well as destructible environments and multiplayer modes. In short, a great action videogame that exudes the essence of the franchise from every pore.

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