Wallpapers HD of the Metro Exodus Game

Artyom has returned to continue his adventures in a post-apocalyptic world, this time leaving the people of the dark out of history. We will get away from Moscow by getting on a train that will take us away from the classic Metro tunnels of the saga to travel around an open world full of life and death alike in Metro Exodus and its wonderful background.

We will find many differences with respect to the previous deliveries, to be able to enjoy open environments our power of decision and the ability to explore to find secrets, extra equipment or simply know better the history after the nuclear apocalypse suffered by the world, are one of the few things that are within our reach. As we always find a lot of improvements, one of them is undoubtedly the graphic section that continues to improve with each new delivery. But the same goes for the soundtrack, which has an exceptional soundtrack and is dubbed into a large number of languages.

The stages have a large amount of quality that make it look like a wallpaper or an artist's image. On the other hand, the customization of weapons is the order of the day, adding new details such as the cleaning of the weapon, since in a world of this style weapons can fail at any time and lead to a certain death.

In Metro Exodus, we will face both monsters and humans. But we will leave behind the old quarrels of Moscow with its different armies from each subway station. To find the evolution experienced by people who have fought outside the security provided by the walls of Russian transport stations. If you're a fan of this saga, you can't miss Artyom's new.