Wallpapers HD of the Minecraft Game

In principle, the gameplay of the title is based on the ability to, in the purest Lego style, collect materials, create tools and build all kinds of structures, something that will keep us hooked for hours. Minecraft doesn't have a history mode or anything else that we have to do, allowing its experience in modifying a world that is at our complete disposal to build and to survive day after day to the countless dangers that surround us. Before continuing with the basic gameplay, it is necessary to point out that before starting the game we must define what experience we want to have. For this, apart from indicating the name of the world or its orographic preferences, we will have to indicate the level of difficulty in which we want to play. This difficulty will determine, besides the number and the aggressiveness of the enemies, their presence or not in our world.

To completely forget about the enemies we can select the Pacific difficulty, a perfect way to build without worrying about the arrival of the terrible creatures at sunset. If on the contrary we want to have a much more complete experience we can select between Easy, Normal and Difficult, difficulties that as they increase will make the experience much more dangerous. This section is perhaps the most notable negative surprise of the adaptation, since we will not have either the extreme Hardcore mode, which ended the game when we died, or the very entertaining Creative mode, a style of game in which we are like gods and, in addition to flying at high speed, we had all the elements of the world to build freely from the first moment, no doubt a playable cut-out that can disappoint many traditional players who enjoyed on their computers with their incredible architectural creations and that leaves the new ones without two really entertaining modes.

Once inside the world we must acquire a great ability to interact with the natural elements that surround us, being indispensable to survive in this immense world. The user will be able to collect from simple earth to build their first houses, to powerful minerals that will allow us to build portals to the underworld, all this under the almost absolute absence of gravity. In order to obtain the different elements, apart from having to explore the immense world for hours, we will have to master the Table of Creation perfectly. This peculiar wooden table, which we will have to build at the beginning of the video game, will allow us to combine all kinds of elements to create objects that are really indispensable for our evolution. The Table of creation has suffered changes with respect to its PC version and now the players will not need the constant visits to web pages where it was indicated how to build one or another object.