Wallpapers HD of the Minions Movie

About Minions

"Minions" is an animated film that follows the adventures of the lovable and mischievous Minions. While they are not as individually distinct as characters in some other films, here are 10 Minions that stand out in their own quirky ways:


Kevin is one of the main Minions, recognized by his tall stature and two eyes. He often takes on leadership roles and leads the group on various escapades.


Stuart is known for his one eye and playful demeanor. He often finds himself in amusing situations, providing comedic moments throughout the film.


Bob is the smallest Minion, recognized by his different-shaped eyes. He is often portrayed as innocent and is known for his childlike curiosity.


Jerry is a Minion with spiky hair and two eyes. He is part of the group's antics, contributing to their comedic and chaotic endeavors.


Tim is a Minion with spiky hair and one eye. While he may not be as prominent as some others, he adds to the charm and humor of the Minion ensemble.


Dave is recognized by his two eyes and medium height. He is a versatile Minion who plays various roles in their adventures.


Phil is a Minion known for his spiky hair and one eye. Like the others, he contributes to the chaos and fun-loving spirit of the group.


Mark is a Minion with two eyes and spiky hair. While not always in the spotlight, he is an integral part of the Minion shenanigans.


Carl is a Minion with two eyes and slicked-back hair. He may not be the leader, but his presence adds to the diversity and humor of the group.


Tom is another Minion known for his spiky hair and one eye. While the Minions often act as a collective, each contributes their unique flair to the group dynamic.