Wallpapers HD of the Modern Family TV Show

This ABC comedy is brought to us by Christopher Lloyd ('The Golden Girls', 'Frasier') and Steven Levitan ('Gimme a Break', 'Frasier') and tells the story of three different families who, for different types of reasons, are characterized by not being the typical traditional family. The series is conceived as a mockumentary, a fact that we notice both in the camera movements and in the numerous occasions in which the protagonists address the camera directly.

The first of the families is formed by Jay Pritchett (Ed O'Neill, 'Marriage with Children'), who is married to a stunning Latin woman named Gloria Pritchett -later Delgado- (Sofia Vergara, 'Hot Properties', 'Sexy Money') and who also lives with her son -from her previous marriage- named Manny (Rico Rodriguez). On the other hand, we have a gay couple formed by Cam (Eric Stonestreet, 'CSI: Las Vegas') and Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson, 'The Class'), who have just adopted a little girl in Vietnam named Lily.