Wallpapers HD of the Money Heist season 4 TV Show

As we saw in the third season of Money Heist, the group led by El Profesor (Alvaro Morte) intends to raid the Bank of Spain with two objectives: on the one hand you can enjoy this background for your desktop, as a measure of pressure to get the Spanish authorities to release Rio (Miguel Herran), who was being tortured, and, on the other, to take the country's gold reserves and continue living at full steam. Tokyo (Ursula Corbero), Denver (Jaime Lorente), Helsinki (Darko Peric) and company got back into the thick of things with new and conflicting partners such as Palermo (Rodrigo de la Serna) and the return to shoehorn of the man most hated by fans of the series, Arturito (Enrique Arce). At the end of those episodes we leave Nairobi (Alba Flores) struggling between life and death because of the stratagems of the new inspector Sierra (Najwa Nimri) and Lisbonbeing arrested through a little theatre so that her companions would consider her dead.

Now in Money Heist season 4, as is often the case in the central section of the robbery, everything is going down in a spectacular way. The open-air operation in Nairobi, the harsh interrogations in Lisbon, the rebellion in Palermo and above all the scabbard in Gandía (José Manuel Poga), which marks a 'glass jungle' in which John McClane is now the villain, will make the pillars of The Plan falter. It's a season full of blows for the characters, who will experience death and defeat on several occasions, but will keep their nerve for the final stretch.

Between the impossible shootings of a 'Mission Impossible' film (or perhaps a 'Matrix' film, because only Neo could dodge so many bullets) and questionable subplots (we know that Arturito is a horrible person, but to start making a Bill Cosby in the middle of a robbery?), this season of the series has been governed by a rule that can make many viewers despair: that of much ado about nothing. When a series as exciting and adrenaline fuelled as this one features eight hours of footage that could have been cut in half, something is wrong. There is a desire to stretch the gum as much as possible, something that is understandable given its worldwide success and that surely won't be a problem for its most adept fans. However, the formula feels a little rusty. Let's hope they can grease it up better for the outcome in season five.