Wallpapers HD of the Monster University Movie

In 2002 we enjoyed the funny movie 'Monsters, Inc.', which told us how a company was in charge of scaring children by means of imposing monsters. James P. Sullivan (voiced by John Goodman, 'Barton Finck'), was one of their best scarers: a blue monster with two horns who, along with his best friend Mike Wazowski (voiced by Billy Crystal 'When Harry Met Sally...'), a strange green individual with only one eye, spread panic among the little ones in the house. In spite of everything, in the end we found out that these beings were not as terrible as they appeared to be.

Director Dan Scanlon ('Cars') now brings us 'Monsters University', a prequel to 'Monsters Inc. This new story tells the story of the moment when these two lovable characters met. At first they don't get along at all, but throughout the film we will see how Sullivan and Mike leave their differences aside to become the inseparable friends we saw in 'Monsters, S.A.'.