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Description of characters of My Hero Academia

Izuku Midoriya

Ability: One for All
Birthday: July 15th
Alias: Deku

Izuku Midoriya is the protagonist of the series and have good My Hero Academy wallpapers. He is a young man who was born without special abilities, a rare case of 1% of the population. However, after a chance encounter with All Might, his childhood hero, he inherited a power that can be given to someone else, One for All. This ability includes super-strength and pain resistance.

Katsuki Bakugou

Ability: Explosion
Birthday: April 20th
Alias: Ground Zero

He is a childhood acquaintance of Midoriya, and a cocky bully since they were children. Bakugou is a character with the ability to transform his sweat into nitroglycerin and generate controlled and disproportionate explosions depending on his intentions. He is one of the characters with more control and knowledge of his own ability, being a real rival for Midoriya.

Shoto Todoroki

Ability: Half cold, half hot
Birthday: January 11th
Alias: Shoto

Todoroki is the son of the No. 2 hero in the official rankings, known as Endeavor. Born from a marriage of convenience to mix skills with each other, the young man is the perfect "experiment" for his father, who sought to create a balance between his ability, the infernal flame, and that of his wife, which was an ice quirk. Thanks to this, half of his body can ignite as a flame and also be used as a projectile, while the other half can create controlled ice structures and even showers of icicles.

Eijiro Kirishima

Ability: Stone skin
Birthday: October 16th
Alias: Red Riot

Kirishima is a young man whose special ability consists of hardening his skin to turn it into a stone, an ability that he has been taking to the limit to improve and expand it to become "unbreakable". Kirishima admires chivalry and good behavior above all things, and becomes good friends with Midoriya because of his heroic qualities and strong will.

Ochaco Uraraka

Ability: Levitation
Birthday: December 27th
Alias: Uravity

Uraraka is one of the first people who shows kindness to Midoriya when he arrives at the UA academy, and thanks to her, he was able to demonstrate his heroic tendencies by sacrificing his score to save Midoriya's life. Because of this event, Uraraka becomes a great friend of the boy and begins to admire his will and desire to succeed. Her ability consists of making objects and people float when she touches them. She can even float herself, but often suffers from dizziness.

Tsuyu Asui

Ability: Frog
Birthday: February 12th
Alias: Froppy

Asui is a sassy and friendly girl who quickly makes good friends with all her classmates because of her sarcastic humor and her ability to always say what's on her mind. Her ability is to do everything a frog does, including stretching her tongue several meters away.

Tenya Iida

Ability: Engine
Birthday: August 22nd
Alias: Ingenium

Iida is the younger brother of a registered hero named Ingenium, who has a similar ability to him. He is an extremely dedicated and intelligent boy, but sometimes too square in his way of thinking, which makes him very strict and "not much fun". His special hereditary ability gives him an internal motor in his legs, located precisely in his calves, which allows him to walk with great speed and, to use it as a weapon, to give very strong kicks.

Mina Ashido

Ability: Acid
Birthday: July 30th
Alias: Alien Queen

Mina is a nice, quiet and funny girl who quickly becomes one of the most sociable in class 1-A. She is athletic but does not like to study and part of her personality is to be a hopeless romantic. She is athletic but does not like to study and part of her personality is to be a hopeless romantic. Her ability allows her to release a corrosive material from her body, similar to common acid. In addition, she can control its quantity, solubility and viscosity. This ability also allows her to climb and move quickly if she uses it to glide across the ground.

Denki Kaminari

Ability: Electricity
Birthday: June 29th
Alias: Chargebolt

Kaminari is a young man with a great sense of humor and good social skills. However, he is not diligent in his studies. Kaminari's ability allows him to launch electrical attacks and paralyze or faint his opponent, but he cannot withstand too many volts without suffering collateral damage and having to pause for a moment to "recharge".

Fumikage Tokoyami

Ability: Dark Shadow
Birthday: October 30th
Alias: N/D

Tokoyami is a young man with the aesthetics of a crow, who has the ability to make his shadow, which has a mind of its own and is intelligent, attack his enemies and protect him.

This ability, however, depends on the light of day, since during the morning, he is easy to control, but during the night, the shadow gets out of control and it becomes extremely difficult for him to follow orders.

Momo Yaoyorozu

Ability: Creation
Birthday: September 23rd
Alias: Creati

The most dedicated student in the class after Iida. Momo is studious, intelligent and charismatic, an excellent leader and an incredible support for her classmates. Her quirk makes her a very important asset to her team. She has the ability to transform her fat cells into any object she is familiar with in advance and knows the process of creating it.

Koji Koda

Ability: Animal Voice
Birthday: February 1st
Alias: Anima

Koji is a sweet, shy and quiet young man who doesn't talk much. However, there is a reason for that, and it is because his ability is to talk to and control animals, giving them orders no matter what kind of animal it is, including insects. He has a pet rabbit.

Rikido Sato

Ability: Sugar Rush
Birthday: June 19th
Alias: Sugarman

Sato is one of the secondary characters in the class. His Sugar Rush ability converts all the glucose he consumes into multiplied strength, but if he abuses it, he is capable of falling asleep.

Mezo Shoji

Ability: Duplicate arms
Birthday: February 25th
Alias: Tentacole

Shoji is a loyal, intelligent and kind young man who is able to sacrifice himself and help his friends. His ability gives him the power to duplicate his arms and create new extemities, such as extra eyes, mouths and ears to talk or listen to conversations in the distance.

Kyoka Jiro

Ability: Headphones
Birthday: August 1st
Alias: Earphone Jack

Kyoka seems to be a lukewarm and cold-hearted person, but she cares a lot about her classmates and closest friends. Her most interesting relationship is with Denki Kaminari, whom she constantly teases.

His ability consists of a pair of audio input headphone wires hanging from his ears. He can attack with them, as he is able to stretch them at will, and he can also use them to measure frequencies through walls and listen to conversations inside closed rooms.

Hanta Sero

Ability: Cellophane
Birthday: July 28th
Alias: Cellophane

Sero is a nice and friendly young man, another of the supporting characters in class 1-A. His ability allows him to pull sticky, cellophane ribbons from his elbows, which he can use for different things such as setting traps, swinging with them and retracting them at will.

Toru Hagakure

Ability: Invisibility
Birthday: June 16th
Alias: Invisible Girl

This character was created by the mangaka as a joke, referring to the fact that, in order to be completely invisible, she had to take off her clothes. It is unknown whether her invisibility ability can be deactivated or activated at will, but she remains invisible while asleep.

Yuga Aoyama

Ability: Navel Laser
Birthday: May 30th
Alias: Can't Stop Twinkling

Yuga is a funny but cowardly young man. He gradually overcomes his fears, but tends to hide during battles. His ability consists of a laser that comes out of his navel, which if he uses it for too long, tends to give him stomach pains.

Mashirao Ojiro

Ability: Tail
Birthday: May 28th
Alias: Tailman

Ojiro is a noble and hardworking young man. He was born with an animal-like tail on his body, which allows him to strike strong blows and balance on it.

Minoru Mineta

Ability: Pop off
Birthday: October 8th
Alias: Grape Juice

Mineta is a highly unpleasant character due to the fact that he is an insufferable bully towards the girls, always making unnecessary off-color comments towards them. He is a cowardly, impulsive and shameless character. His ability is that the balls on his head that look like hair, can be detached from it and be used as a weapon, because they have a weight and can stay attached to the enemy for 24 hours. These balls can stick to anything except himself. He can also use them for climbing.

Mirio Togata

Ability: Permeation
Birthday: July 15th
Alias: Lemillion

Mirio is a third year student at the U.A. Academy. His personality is charismatic and open towards others. We initially meet Mirio as a model student for Class 1-A, due to the fact that he is a member of the school's elite, the Big Three. Eventually his role in the series becomes much more prominent, also being Sir Nighteye's candidate to become All Might's successor. His ability, permeability, allows him to pass through objects, and even allows him to let enemy blows pass through him without taking damage. He is a character with incredible potential for the future of the series. During his internship, he works at Sir Nigtheye's agency.

All Might Toshinori Yagi

Ability: One for All
Birthday: June 10th
Alias: All Might

He is the former peace symbol and number one hero, a peerless character who dedicated his entire career to taking down organized crime. He also plays a role as a teacher at the U.A. academy for the heroes course. He is responsible for the ability inherited by Deku, as it was he who made the decision to give him One for All.

Eraserhead Shota Aizawa

Ability: Eraser
Birthday: November 8th
Alias: Eraserhead

Professional registered hero, in charge of class 1-A. He is a stern and reserved teacher, but deep down he cares deeply about his students and aspires to see them grow and improve in their skills. He has the peculiarity of saying exactly what he feels and being apathetic in many situations, including during his classes.

Present Mic Hizashi Yamada

Ability: Voice
Birthday: July 7th
Alias: Present Mic

At the U.A. Academy, he stands out as a presenter of important events and his work as an English teacher. He is an extremely eccentric and sociable person, but he constantly seems to be presenting a radio program or a quiz show and does not know how to modulate his voice out of character. However, his gift with people allows him to read situations more easily and make the right decisions to avoid misunderstandings.

Cementoss Ken Ishiyama

Ability: Cement
Birthday: March 22nd
Alias: Cementoss

Cementoss may look very serious, but he is actually kind and friendly. His ability is to create cement structures and manipulate any structure made of cement at will. Usually, his job is to supervise hand-to-hand combat to prevent it from getting out of control.

Midnight Nemuri Kayama

Ability: Sleep aroma
Birthday: March 9th
Alias: Midnight

Nemuri is known to be very flirtatious and seductive, but loses control when her age is mentioned. She also enjoys seeing students suffering from fear, which brings out her sadistic side. Her gift is to generate a scent that puts people to sleep, and she can localize it to the area of the body that suits her. This ability works better on men than women.

No. 13 Black Hole

Ability: Black Hole
Birthday: February 3rd
Alias: No. 13

First of all, No. 13 is a woman. Now that we've clarified, she is a teacher in charge of rescue and emergency situations and is very enthusiastic about those skills that can be used to create rather than destroy. Her special ability is to create a black hole-like effect from her fingertips. The dangerous thing about this is that everything she sucks in is consumed and disintegrates.

Gran Torino Sorahiko Torino

Ability: Jet
Birthday: January 28th
Alias: Gran Torino

Gran Torino is a retired hero, a former teacher at the U.A. academy. One of the reasons he excels at the academy is because of his work as a mentor to Toshinori Yagi, and then training Midoriya. He still has extraordinary abilities despite his advanced age. His ability allows him to propel himself with great speed, similar to Tenya Iida.

Director Nezu

Ability: High Spec
Birthday: January 1st
Alias: Director

Nezu is the headmaster of the U.A. academy, and is one of the most peculiar cases of an animal that manifested an ability. He looks like a bear or a mouse. His ability gives him a high intelligence, above humans. Thanks to this, Nezu can talk, think and act like a human.

Recovery Girl Chiyo Shuzenji

Ability: Recovery
Birthday: April 4th
Alias: Recovery Girl

She is in charge of the infirmary at U.A. Her ability is extremely special, as it seems to give her the ability to accelerate the speed of recovery of her patients using a kiss. However, she cannot cure them completely, and the patient will inevitably feel tired because recovery depends entirely on the patient and not on Chiyo's ability.

Endeavor Enji Todoroki

Ability: Hellflame
Birthday: August 8th
Alias: Endeavor

Enji Todoroki is the second most powerful hero in history, below All Might. His personality appears to be cold and stoic, and he seems to hold a great grudge against All Might for overpowering him. He is a person obsessed with power.

His ability consists of generating flames all over his body and controlling them at will. He is the father of Shoto Todoroki.