Wallpapers HD of the Naruto Shippuden Anime

Naruto Shippuden' is the second part of the anime 'Naruto' when Naruto returns to the Hidden Leaf Village (Konoha), after having spent two and a half years training with one of the three legendary ninja: Jiraiya. He will reconnect with his old friends and they will realize that they are now even more powerful ninja than they were before. Meanwhile, the Akatsuki begin to gather all the demons (Biju) starting with Gaara's Shukaku from the Hidden Sand Village. On the other hand, Sasuke fled the Hidden Leaf Village in order to kill his brother Itachi Uchiha, allying with Orochimaru.

Now, Naruto will go after Sasuke to make him see reason and return to the Hidden Leaf Village with him and his friends as well as fight against the threat of the Akatsuki, which among its members and those who will have to fight are Itachi Uchiha, Deidara, Pain or Tobi.