Wallpapers HD of the Neighbors Movie

The director expert in ironic and merciless comedies ('Paso de t�', 'Todo sobre mi desmadre'), Nicholas Stoller, brings together two actors from different generations with a lot of popular appeal: the idol of young girls Zack Efron ('High School Musical', 'Cuando te encuentre') and the all-rounder and fetish actor of Judd Apatow, Seth Rogen ('Supersalidos', 'L�o embarazoso'). The story centers on a man who lives peacefully with his wife and daughter and who will see the harmony of his home altered when he comes into contact with the leader of a youth brotherhood that is near his home. From that moment on, problems will arise, and a struggle will be established between the two male characters, who will try not to give up their intentions. The character played by Zack Efron will devote himself indiscriminately to annoy the character played by Rogen. The rebelliousness and youthful impudence against the accommodating life of middle age. An all-out fight that can only have one winner... Will they finally manage to bring them closer together?