Wallpapers HD of the New Girl TV Show

From director Jake Kasdan ('Bad Teacher', 'Californication') and screenwriter Elizabeth Meriwether ('No Strings Attached'), 'The New Girl' is a new comedy that seeks to give a breath of fresh air to the way male-female relationships are addressed on television. Jess Day (Zooey Deschanel, sister of Emily Deschanel and known for titles such as '(500) Days Together' or 'Knights, Princesses and Other Beasts') is a girl about to turn 30, quite unconventional, who moves into a house with three single guys after a loud breakup. Goofy, idealistic, vulnerable and sincere to the extreme, she often makes the mistake of trusting others... even when they don't deserve it. She may be quirky and even a bit vulgar at times, but that doesn't stop her from feeling comfortable with herself. More inclined to relate to women, she is not at all accustomed to sympathizing with men... and even less so in her own home.

Of the new tenants Jess shares an apartment with, Nick (Jake Johnson, 'All About My Rampage', 'Red Belt') is the one who has had the worst luck in life. He had big plans, but they all ended up falling apart and now he works as a waiter. He's usually the smartest guy in his group and has an uncanny knack for rubbing people the wrong way, but he also uses humor as a method of escape and as a way to deflect attention from his past. On the other side we have Schmidt (Max Greenfield, 'Veronica Mars', 'Greek', 'Betty'), a guy with a little heart, but also a bit of a climber, who sees himself as a sort of modern Casanova. And he also has a major flaw: he is very immature and is quite obsessed with being the center of attention at all times. His is the idea of accepting Jess as a companion: a unique opportunity to sneak into the almost always evasive mind of a girl.