Wallpapers HD of the Night at the Museum 3 Movie

The Tablet of Ahkmenrah, the one that makes museum statues come to life, is losing its magic. In a desperate attempt to protect the valuable treasure, Larry Daley will travel with his friends Theodore Roosevelt -Robin Williams in his last film-, the pharaoh Ahkmenrah, Attila, Jebediah Smith, Augustus Octavius and Sacagawea from New York to London. There they will try to contact someone at the Museum of London to help them restore the magic and meet Sir Lancelot and other characters from ancient Egypt. Shawn Levy will be in charge of directing the new film as he did with the previous 'Night at the Museum' and 'Night at the Museum 2'. Actor Ben Stiller ('Her Parents', 'A Sucker Punch') will also participate again in this project playing the main character Larry Daley.