Wallpapers HD of the Nikita TV Show

Second remake of the 1990 French original story 'Nikita'. This time, the series returns to focus on Nikita (Maggie Q, 'New York, I love you', 'Mission: Impossible 3'), a former agent of a secret government organization. The series comes from Craig Silverstein, creator of the cancelled 'Terra Nova' (Fox). Among the new features, the series focuses on a fictitious secret branch of the CIA, known as the Division, which trains young assassins. It usually selects troubled individuals, often in prison and on death row. After identifying promising candidates for the Division, they fake their death and offer them a new life. New recruits must learn to control their emotions to become efficient killers.

Nikita worked for the Division for a long time. However, she escaped and went into hiding for a period of three years. Our tough protagonist decides to return to action when the Division kills her fianc� Owen Elliott (Devon Sawa, 'The Devil Got His Hand In'), also an agent of the secret organization. After the death of her love, Nikita is thirsty for revenge and will not hesitate to do whatever it takes to bring down the agency responsible for this death.