Wallpapers HD of the Noah Movie Movie

In a world destroyed by the perversion of men, a humble carpenter named Noah (played by Russell Crowe, 'Gladiator' and 'Robin Hood') receives an important mission that will be transcendental for the evolution and development of the human race.

God, tired of the corrupt and depraved behavior of the human beings he himself gave life to, warns Noah of a necessary and imminent universal flood that will purify and free the earth from human action. The respectful, kind-hearted carpenter becomes the chosen one to ensure the success of this divine plan, responsible for protecting those species that do not share in the devastation of nature and the decay of the planet. Noah will have to build a giant ark to save his family, where he will have to gather a couple of each animal species to preserve their conservation and growth after the apocalyptic flood that will end humanity and its fateful behavior. The ark will prevent the beings inside from drowning and will keep them alive for a later reconstruction of the universe.