Wallpapers HD of the Now You See Me Movie

Now You See Me tells the story of the pursuit of the "Four Horsemen", a group formed by the best magicians from around the world, led by the charismatic and attractive illusionist known as Atlas (played by Jesse Eisenberg, The Social Network) who is dedicated to robbing banks while performing their regular shows. Once the scam is successfully completed, the team distributes the money they make among their audience.

Taking advantage of their knowledge of magic, they combine the show with high-tech devices and elements that allow them to more easily access the funds of the bank in question. The band quickly wins over the audience, who, in addition to receiving part of the loot, is left dumbfounded by the ingenuity and the way the "Four Horsemen" operate. On the other hand, Dylan (played by Mark Ruffalo, The Avengers) is an FBI special agent who has been after the group of illusionists for some time. His intention is to stop them and make them pay for their impressive crimes before they manage to pull off what promises to be their most daring and extraordinary heist.