Wallpapers HD of the Overwatch Game

Overwatch is a cooperative and competitive first-person shooter video game developed by Blizzard, creators of games such as Starcraft, Diablo or Warcraft, which for the first time tackles a game with a first-person shooter profile. The title is set in a distant fantasy future, where dozens of heroes are the only ones capable of safeguarding peace on Earth from the threat of hostile robots. However, the relevance of Overwatch is far from being that of its story, which in fact is told through a series of animated short films that were published to promote the game, and all the excitement and fun of the video game lies in its multiplayer. PC and game console players must take on the role of one of the many heroes available to take on other opponents with their team in Attack, Escort or Control matches, the three modes available, along with a Competitive mode that takes into account the skill of the fans. Each hero offers completely different ways to play with them and that is precisely one of the keys to Overwatch, since they have their own skills carefully designed to encourage collaboration between the parties in attack, defense, tank or support tasks for this first-person shooter.