Wallpapers HD of the Pacific RIM Movie

After titles such as Pan's Labyrinth or the Hellboy saga, Guillermo del Toro, a filmmaker expert in extraordinary creatures, directs Pacific Rim: a science fiction story that pays tribute to the giant monsters characteristic of Japanese cinema. In the not too distant future, legions of gigantic monstrous creatures begin to mysteriously emerge from the depths of the sea with the aim of starting a war against humanity that could destroy millions of lives and exhaust all the resources that human beings need to survive. These terrible creatures, hitherto unknown to the human race, are called Kaiju, a name that refers to the movies about large and creepy creatures typical of the Japanese film genre that shares the same name.

To fight this new threat, man has created a unique weapon: the Jaegers, giant robots that operate simultaneously controlled by two human pilots who are linked by a neural bridge. So great are the forces and power of the enemy that even these specialized robots are practically unprotected and ineffective against their adversary. A tough battle begins, where any progress or victory for the human being becomes an unattainable goal and the struggle for survival becomes increasingly complicated. When the forces and authorities responsible for the defense of humanity are about to collapse, they will have no choice but to rely on our two protagonists, a former pilot and a young and inexperienced military who will have to collaborate to form a team responsible for the management and control of the Jaeger, apparently incapable of defeating his opponent.