Wallpapers HD of the People Like Us Movie

Sam (Chris Pine, Star Trek), had practically lost contact with his father when, suddenly, he dies, and as a result, he will be plunged into the most terrible stupor. Sam, very affected, will attend the funeral and will see that his father had left him money, with which to get out of the debts he had accumulated. But in reality the money was not for him. Sam discovers that he has left it to a certain Josh David.

He then discovers that it is a boy (Michael Hall D'Addario, Sinister), son of a woman named Frankie (Elizabeth Banks, What to Expect When You're Expecting). After some inquiries, he realizes that she might be his sister. So he tries to get in touch, without telling her the truth. Thanks to this encounter, Sam's perception of life will change radically. From that moment on, Sam will change the way he sees family relationships and learn to value what really matters. Finally, he will help Josh to overcome his problems.