Wallpapers HD of the Pitch Perfect Movie

Beca (Anna Kendrick, Up in the Air), is a self-sufficient, uptight college girl. She has practically no friends and prefers to be alone than to have to put up with people who don't contribute anything to her. So she is forced to join a singing group made up of a series of girls who are all very different from each other. Among them, Beca will have not only to find her place, but also to adapt to them vocally, as they constitute a perfect vocal harmony ensemble. When she succeeds, she will begin to awaken in her the desire that together they can do something different, get out of the schemes of the stale and old-fashioned style they practice and sing popular melodies in a fresh way, with a personality that identifies them. This will be the beginning of a new adventure for Beca, this time, leaving aside her hobbies, together with her new friends.