Wallpapers HD of the Project X Movie

Thomas (Thomas Mann, 'An Almost Funny Story'), Costa (Oliver Cooper) and JB (Jonathan Daniel Brown) are three high school seniors who go completely unnoticed by everyone. Their mission is to break out of anonymity and make a name for themselves in a big way. In theory, their project is innocent and harmless: to throw a party at Thomas' house (while his parents are away) to leave a mark on all his classmates and record it all on video. However, they would never have imagined what it could lead to... The rumor starts to spread like wildfire until everyone hears about it. The call will be a success. Things will go more or less well until, little by little, everything will start to get out of control when they get intoxicated with ecstasy and start raving, drawing the attention of the neighbors and the police. In spite of that, they will continue with the party... without knowing how far the consequences will go.