Wallpapers HD of the Prometheus Movie

After making one of the most iconic science fiction films of all time, 'Alien, the Eighth Passenger' (1979), Ridley Scott continues to expand the mythology of the universe configured around the most elusive alien creature in the universe. We find ourselves in an indeterminate time, it is not known whether before or after the arrival of the Nostromo ship. In any case, the approach is practically the same as in the original film: a group of explorers is looking for signs of primitive civilizations and ends up on a mysterious planet that traps them in its orbit. There they will find traces of extraterrestrial beings, and soon they will have to fight if they want to survive and save humanity in the process. The director, with the title 'Prometheus' seems to want to appeal to that mythological sense of the beginning of civilization, or perhaps also the end of it.