Wallpapers HD of the Psych TV Show

A detective comedy from creator Steve Franks ('A Cool Dad') that follows Shawn Spencer (James Roday, 'Miss Match'), a young consultant in the Santa Barbara police department whose powers of observation and detective instincts convince people that he solves cases through psychic powers. During his childhood Shawn Spencer developed, guided by his policeman father, a considerable talent for perceiving even the smallest details of his surroundings. However, when he reached adulthood he had great difficulty finding work and spent much of his time anonymously helping the police with his abilities. Unfortunately and paradoxically, his knowledge of key clues in cases led the police to suspect him of being a potential criminal.

To clear his name and try to get his professional life back on track, Shawn starts working as a fake psychic. Very few believe him, but he continues to be of great use to the police, who count on him for the cases they are unable to solve. His childhood friend Burton 'Gus' Guster (Dul� Hill, 'The West Wing of the White House') is of great help in this new situation and both manage to solve all the strange cases that come into their hands.