Wallpapers HD of the Puss in Boots The Last Wish Movie

Puss in Boots from the Shrek universe is back with a single goal, to bring us the best wallpapers. Puss in Boots The last wish follows the new adventures of the reckless and brave feline in this fantastic world. On this occasion, this colorful character will live a journey of transformation in which he will discover the price of his passion for danger and not being afraid of death. Gato has already consumed eight of his new lives, but he has already lost count along the way. To try to recover all the lives he has lost, he must embark on the greatest adventure he has ever lived so far.

Puss in Boots

After fighting and defeating a gigantic monster, Puss in Boots dies accidentally when a bell falls on him. When he wakes up he discovers that he has lost 6 of his seven lives as a cat and that he only has one life left, so for the first time he looks "death" in the face.

This leads him to hang up his cape and become a cat for Mama Luna, while he lets time pass and his beard grows. Puss in Boots thought his adventurous days were over, but one day while having a conversation with an unknown dog nicknamed "Perrito", he is surprised by Goldilocks and the Three Bears who will tell him that there is a Wishing Star and that it can give him back his number of lives.

Determined to regain his way of life, he sets out on this adventure, full of dangers, new friends and old man.

Kitty Softpaws

Cool and elegant, Kitty knows how to be seductive without ever being a damsel in distress in need of rescue. She can be quite impatient, but she never wavers under pressure or in the face of danger. At the beginning of the film we can see how she only cared about the score, but everything changes when she meets the Cat. She is incredibly cunning, sophisticated, intelligent, beautiful, charming and seductive to everyone, especially Cat.


Not much is known about him, only that he is a therapy dog that with his sweetness and look is able to support others. Making everyone adore him.


This outlandish doctor will be in charge of telling Puss in Boots that he has died 8 times and giving him the bad news that if he dies one more time it will be the end of him, his involvement in the film is not yet known beyond this point.


An old acquaintance of the saga although not directly, as it had not yet been seen. Based on the fable of the Three Bears in which a girl goes into the forest and finds a hut where she eats the food and sleeps in the bears' bed. In this film she is presented as the new villain accompanied by the three bears, who will help her.

Mama Bear

The three bears are a family, in which we will see the father, the mother and the son, being the mother the most prominent and the one who takes the lead in this furry family.

Big Bad Wolf

This character has nothing to do with the big bad wolf we see in the Shrek saga, since this big bad wolf is really a murderer who will relentlessly pursue our protagonist to hunt him down. Intelligent, strong and patient, the big bad wolf will try to kill Puss in Boots.