Wallpapers HD of the Rainbow Six Siege Game

Rainbow Six Siege, considered a successor of the cancelled Patriots -which did have an argument- offers several online modes and a tutorial that should be played as soon as possible, something we warned you in past impressions. This mode puts us in the place of the different situations that are lived during the rounds of the multiplayer testing the skills and equipment of each agent, such as hostage rescue, infiltration by abseiling, defusing bombs or use of our arsenal of support, which includes blinding grenades and explosives. A series of secondary objectives - overcoming missions with more than a certain health or executing shots at the head - gives us more experience, which is good for getting off on the right foot in network competition and gives a little more depth to the mode.

The first thing to clarify to avoid mistakes is that Rainbow Six is not a Call of Duty or a Battlefront. It takes more realism - understand, it's not a weapon either - and tactical coordination, which is why the arcade gameplay enthusiast will notice it slower in movement and mobility. Here you don't jump meters in the air, and if you want to climb a wall you use hooks, not an exoskeleton or flying backpack. His five-on-five team approach shows more of the tension and preparation of special forces teams facing terrorist groups, sadly a very topical issue for the events in Paris.

Each round of multiplayer alternates the roles of attackers and defenders. The latter prepare their defenses while the assailants use drones to spy on tactics in advance. This phase, which only lasts a few tens of seconds, is very entertaining from both points of view. Defenders of a hostage or bomb deploy wall reinforcements, barbed wire, or explosive charges along multiple surrounding routes. There are many routes to reach the site and it is a question of allocating resources where the gap is expected to open.