Wallpapers HD of the Red 2 Movie

A quiet retirement is not in the plans of undercover agent Fran Moses (Bruce Willis, 'The Mercenaries 2') and his partner Marvin (John Malkovich, 'The Exchange'), who are forced to return to action to prove that no one can beat them. Joining the veteran team will be the unfailingly lethal Victoria (Helen Mirren, 'The Debt'), and Fran's curious girlfriend Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker, 'The Red Dragon').

Pulling on their old acquaintances at the agency, they will embark on an adventure to save their lives by trying to uncover the secret Project NightShade, for which they are being hunted, and which is related to a very dangerous nuclear device that has recently gone missing. All governments are hot on their heels and they prepare to confront them in the best way this team of Extremely Dangerous Retirees knows how: by killing everyone who gets in their way until they reach their objective.